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Indian Massage techniques are also known as Ayurvedic Massage, its sub-form called Indian Head Massage, which is offered, separately in the several spas and health centres of Dubai. In Dubai, there is no sort of massage that you would not find and the demand for spas is growing.


Dubai gives place for several different massage styles and methods and they are all equally useful for the body and for the soul. It is not without reason that massage is so famous. Indian massage also carries several benefits according to its method, which aims to find the meridians or pranas as the Indians call them and Ayurvedic massage has great healing and pain relieving effects. Indian massage is really an ancient form of therapy being more than two thousand years old. In the Indian massage there are no extreme movements or forms of pushing the body parts, instead it heals with the use of herbs mixing this aromatherapy method with elements from yoga, meditation. Indian Massage is often performed with the help of two Indian specialists. The word Ayurveda means healthcare system in Hindi language.


Because of the two therapists and the heavy usage of natural herbal oils and because of all the special systems of Indian healing methods, Indian massage is among the most expensive massage types. Let us see the some of the Indian massage treatments in Dubai:


Indian massage at Maven Spa in Uptown Mirdiff

The Maven Spa offers a great non-Ayurvedic treatment using herbal essential oils like lemongrass, oregano, juniper and fennel with carrier oil, which is great for relaxing and for feeling great, during which you will enjoy a great energising massage.


Indian massage at the Talise Spa in Souk Madinat

Talise Spa is a real luxury spa, one of the best in Dubai, located in the heart of Souk Madinat and it offers fantastic treatments. This Indian Massage treatment offers real Ayurvedic massage with the help of natural scented oils, which get massaged in the whole body. It is a great, relaxing massage.


Let us say a few words on the traditional Indian head massage, which is a different technique from the Ayurvedic, or classic Indian massage and offered as a separate service. This massage is also called Champissage and it is a great massage therapy of the scalp, neck and face in order to reenergise the body and the flow of the energy channels. This type of massage is also used as a massage to stop hair falling or to reinvent scalp to produce more hair. This is a very popular massage in Dubai. Let us see some of the places where such treatment is available: 


Amara Spa offers great Indian hair massage in a 45 minute long treatment for DH 395 in which applies great massaging techniques on the shoulder, face, neck and of course primarily on the scalp.


At the Dreamworks Massage centre, you can get a great Indian Head Massage for 30 minutes costing only 100 DH. Dreamworks operated in 12 locations including one in the Dubai Mall, in the Novotel Mall of the Emirates and in the Marina Cascades.


As you see, you have one thousand and one choices to feel yourself in your best form in the land of the wonders: Dubai.  If you want to have more information on Dubai Indian massage, contact your nearest UAE or Dubai tourist information centre or check out the internet.